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 Hope and Help 

Conversations, Tips, and More

Understand the best in you and others


Internationally acclaimed rapper, musician, educator, and philanthropist, Wordsmith, talks with me about his journey, racism, and the great stuff he's doing for Baltimore and beyond.

Nate Regier: Personality like you've never heard it before

Author, speaker, coach, and CEO of Next Element, Nate Regier, joins me to discuss revolutionary work he's doing for companies and individuals through the Process Communication Model, or PCM.

Majiah DiGorgio On Life

We talk about what led her to comedy, to her belief structure, and more in the engaging conversation.

Maija DiGiorgio is a comedian, filmmaker, and NY-to-LA transplant. In her first year doing stand-up, Maija took the comedy world by storm taping five national TV appearances, receiving a standing ovation at NBC’s Live from the Apollo, and performing at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.

Paul N Larsen - The Upside of Imposter Syndrome

In this interview, Paul N Larsen shares some powerful ideas on Imposter Syndrome, including how we can use it to our benefit.

About Paul: From flipping hamburgers on Main Street to leading HR for Wall Street, Paul has continually reinvented his leadership voice throughout his life, to thrive within the uncertainty of our ever-chaotic world.

Joy Clausen Soto: More \Than a Surviver 

Joy and I discuss her new book, Joy: The story of a dolphin trainer, filmmaker, and cancer survivor. She shares inspiring parts of her story that offer comfort and strength. 

Adam Marlow-Thompson and The Neighboring Project

What does it take to be a good neighbor, and how can you spark good neighboring as a movement in your community?

Adam Barlow-Thompson and I talk about his nonprofit, the Neighboring Movement, how it got started, and how you can do something similar where you live.

Racism Defined

Part of my One White Lady's Opinion series, this video shares a moment from 2020 when I began to truly understand the meaning of Racism.

Elevating Your Mood

A simple step to taking charge of your sullen moods.

2020 - when I still had my office out of my house. :)