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Dawn-Marie Solais

Dawn-Marie Solais has been coaching emotional intelligence and other life skills for more than 27 years. Her practice pivoted a few years ago to focus on skills for autistic and ADHD adults and teens as she saw the wide gap between the needs of this community and access to services and support.

A strong and steadfast voice for increased knowledge, understanding, and services, Dawn-Marie has been building connections with individuals and organizations around the world that seek to be more knowledgeable, helpful, diverse, and inclusive. She takes a supportive stand for those who self-identify and advocates for Neurodiversity to be understood as a wide-ranging group of neurotypes that have both intellectual, creative, and emotional strengths as well as needs for accommodation and assistance.

In addition to her coaching, Dawn-Marie is an active speaker, consultant, author, and advocate for Neurodiverse individuals and families, and is the lead organizer and sponsor of INAS 2022 Neurodiversity Conference. She is neurodiverse and has three adult children who are as well.

Mary Doherty

Mary Doherty (she/her) is an autistic anaesthetist based in Ireland, and founder of peer support & advocacy groups “Autistic Doctors International” and “Autistic Med Students”. She is an autism researcher focussing on healthcare and medical education. Her work centres around replacing the autism as tragedy narrative with a neurodiversity-affirmative approach. She is mother to two neurodivergent kids.

Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas is The MITRE Corporation’s Program Lead for Neurodiverse Talent Enablement and has a long history of advocacy for neurodiverse populations. She has been a house parent in a group home for adults with high support needs, is now a parent of an adult on the autism spectrum and is active in the MITRE Corporation's Inclusion and Diversity programs.

Teresa leads the Neurodiverse Federal Workforce program pilot at multiple federal agencies, and spearheads MITRE's internal neurodiversity internship program, both focused on providing opportunities and support for neurodivergent individuals in cybersecurity and other technical roles.

Andrew Eddy

Andrew is the CEO of Untapped Holdings, a for-purpose social enterprise focused on developing a sustainable neurodiverse employment ecosystem to increase opportunities for autistic individuals, thereby realising their untapped potential.

Andrew is also driving the Neurodiversity Hub community of practice initiative

( ) which is about working with universities and employers to facilitate neurodivergent university students become more work-ready and increase their chances of securing a job and commencing a career. A range of life skills training courses have also been developed for neurodivergents ( ).

He also promotes the Genius Armoury platform ( ) to attract and identify an autistic cybersecurity talent pool through some fundamentals training in cyber security.

Allyson Aylesworth

Allyson Aylesworth is a DIR Floortime-trained Physical Therapist with extensive

transdisciplinary experience working with young children with ASD and

developmental disabilities. She spent most of her adult life in China where she

worked as a developmental therapist, consultant, trainer and advocate. She is

currently the Children’s Ministry Director+ at Union Center Christian Church

where she lives out her passion for loving kids and supporting families. She is

recently married to a man who was definitely worth the wait and has two adult

stepsons. In her free time, you can find her either in a comfy chair sipping a mug of coffee or behind the lens of her camera enjoying the beauty of nature.

Allyson has also been a lead organizer for INAS 2022.

LaToya Pryce

LaToya Pryce (She/her/hers) describes herself as a financial wellness advocate that has dedicated her 23 years in the financial service industry to help people live financially healthy lives. LaToya serves as the Culture and Inclusion Officer for Visions Federal Credit Union. She is responsible for evolving employee engagement practices within Visions and enhancing the organization’s internal and external focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Before joining Visions, LaToya served as Vice President of Regional Sales and Development for a community bank located in New Jersey, training and developing branch teams in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

Residing in New Jersey, LaToya also advocates for autism awareness, support, and research and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Leadership at Carolina University. She received an MBA from Centenary University and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Berkeley College.

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm,

LLC, passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children,

mentors 2e adults, trains educators and advises professionals on how to

bring out the best and raise self-confidence in their 2e students and


Julie serves as Secretary to the Maryland Superintendent’s Gifted and

Talented Advisory Council, is an advisor for the Masters of Education

Program for the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity, is the

Maryland liaison for Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted

(SENG), is a Committee member for the National Association for Gifted

Children (NAGC) and serves as an advisor to “The G Word” feature

documentary currently in production.

Julie produces Let’s Talk 2e! virtual conferences, hosts the Let’s Talk 2e!

Parent Empowerment Series, maintains the free listing service,, and publishes “Gifted & Distractible,” a free monthly newsletter. A frequent speaker and prolific writer, Julie is also the mother of three twice exceptional children who keep her on her toes and uproariously laughing.

Ron Crawford, Unleashed Potential Consulting

Leadership Development expert Ron Crawford works with individuals and organizations to create an environment where leadership skills are unleashed to fulfill their maximum potential. A popular keynote speaker and leadership trainer, Ron is recognized for his practical knowledge and direct applicability of concepts to today’s business environment. Focusing on key tenets of empathy, integrity, inclusion, and building trust, Ron coaches individuals and teams to be the leaders we need today.

After a 33+ year career with Lockheed Martin, in which 25+ years were in leadership roles, and 15+ years were spent running a leadership development program, Ron joined Unleashed Potential in 2020 as Director of Consulting Services. Ron brings a passion and energy to his presentations and mentoring, and has a broad portfolio of expertise and offerings including core leadership principles, ethics and integrity, and generational diversity and inclusion.

Michael Strong

Michael Strong is founder and CEO of The Socratic Experience, a virtual school serving creative, entrepreneurial, and intellectual students in grades 3-12. Michael's schools feature a highly personalized program, which therefore attracts neurodiverse individuals who are able to flourish in a personalized environment. He coined the term "scolianormative" to emphasize the fact that conventional schooling represents an artificial set of norms which do not represent human nature. He has spoken at dozens of universities, has three TEDx talks, has published dozens of articles, and is the author of The Habit of Thought and lead author of Be the Solution.

Dr Dave Caudel

Dr. Dave Caudel is the associate director of the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2009, Caudel is a neurodivergence advocate, speaking to a variety of organizations, including the U.N. and autism conferences internationally. For much of his life, he struggled to find his place in the

world, and has had a number of careers, including videographer, soldier in the U.S. Army, journalist, photojournalist, magazine editor, public affairs specialist, truck salesman, and corporate stints from customer service to loss prevention, just to name a few, before deciding to give, “this college thing a try.” He received his Ph.D. in Physics at Vanderbilt University in 2017. He serves on the advisory committee for the Center for Discovery, Innovation, and Development (CDID) at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey, the Vanderbilt University Diversity Council and the All Access Inclusion Network, and is a founding member of the Vanderbilt Autism and Neurodiversity Alliance. His research interests include gamma spectrometers for astrophysics applications and meaningful employment for adults on the spectrum by finding novel, innovative ways to measure their strengths, talents, and passions, then match those to specialized business needs, as well as determining the programs and training needed to maximize success in the workplace.

Matt Kisloski

Matt Kisloski is the Financial Wellness Manager at Visions Federal Credit Union. His focus is on developing and providing financial education programs to the community. He is an alumnus of Binghamton University, and sits on the board of directors of the Waterman Conservation Education Center, and Stray Haven Humane Society & SPCA.

Mike Williston

Mike Williston is co-founder & CEO of Satellite Displays. He is responsible for taking an idea to reality in his quest to transform the way we communicate. Satellite Displays' created Badger, the world's first closed captioning smart badge that converts speech-to-text and translations in real-time. Badger can also translate in 50+ languages. Previously, Mike was part of the Founding Team at Compliance Wave. At Monmouth University, he received a double major in Marketing & Management and his MBA.

Kelly Guthrie and Claudia Garcia

Kelly Guthrie and Claudia Garcia are two moms out of Las Cruces, NM raising neuro-divergent people, and co-hosting their podcast; Kelly and Claudia, Moms on the Spectrum. Covering a range of topics, from the chaotic to the mundane, we share our unpolished life experiences navigating raising our a-typical families in a neuro-typical world. Our shared situation being the inspiration for the show, led us to find that the best support system has turned out to be each other. This is us, living life without a filter.

Andrew Arboe

Andrew Arboe is the Founder of Driving with Autism, an online pre driving program that helps people understand the driving journey. A self-advocate, Andrew has served in the autism community as job coach, director of community outreach, and consultant for autistic adults over the last several years. He engages new autistic drivers and their families with his webinar series that goes over the driving journey, which is made from his experiences driving and consulting with individuals. Andrew has presented in conferences such as the US Autism Association and the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix. Andrew also presented locally in nonprofits about autism, appeared in several podcasts nationwide like Autism Live, and written articles for the Autism Spectrum News.

Star Peterson

Star Peterson holds a Master's degree in Severe Disabilities Special Education. They taught for fifteen years before becoming a diversity trainer. During this time they had the privilege of teaching students who, like them, are neurodivergent. Now Star provides training on making workplaces more friendly for the neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ communities. They also work as an instructional designer and specialize in creating accessible training.