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Classes and Groups for Adults, Teens, and Children

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in these events that will

edify, enliven, and enrich all that you are and will be.

Individuals, couples, and families will have sessions designed just for them. 

Classes are designed to give you skills that will help you find and nurture your passions and goals, 

amplify your best qualities, and take your personal and professional life to the next levels of success. 

Groups are designed to offer safe and inspiring settings with like-minded people looking to 

increase courage, grit, passion, and success.

Groups and Classes and Seminars can be designed for your workplace and organization. 

Be in touch for details.

Here are some of our offerings.

Thrive: Your Best Life Now


Designed for adults who want to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

You will learn skills that will improve your ability to 

*Effectively communicate
*Reduce conflict
*Build resilience
*Manage anxiety
*Set and achieve goals
and more

Parenting and Family Strength


Designed for adults to learn more about successful family dynamics and communication, as well as ballance, self-care, and resilience.

You will learn skills for better

*Conflict resolution
*Finding the fun
*Supporting growth
*Stress reduction
and more

Competition Mindset


Designed for individuals who need to get their heads in the zone. Take your sports, workout, business, and personal life to the next level.

You will learn vital skills, like:

*Power of the moment


*Stress/anxiety reduction
*Inner strength


and more

Purpose and Motivation


This class is designed for adults and teens wishing to discover what motivates them, how to set short and long-term goals, and what lights their fire, or their purpose.

You will learn to 

*Understand your core strengths and how to use them for success

*How to motivate when you don't want to

*Direction for job, career, and education
*Where and how to find inspiration
*Achieve greater focus
*Find contentment and enjoyment

and more

Post Traumatic Success


This class is designed for adults who have experienced hard times/events that still impact them. Adults in support roles are also encouraged to attend.

Based on ideas and science from Positive Psychology, this class will teach you

*Perspective techniques
*Resilience skills
*Inner communication skills
*Relationship skills
*Trigger management
*Thought and body calming
*Inner core strengths
*How to move forward with 

healing and success

The Thriving Child


These classes are designed for ages 8-11 and 12-14. Your young person will learn all about their emotions and how to gain mastery of them.

They will learn skills such as

*How their brains work at their age
*What to expect from their emotions
*Why they feel or don't feel
*How to know an emotion is coming
*How to read other's emotions and what to do about it
*How to choose productive emotions
*How to communicate what they are feeling
*How to listen and relate better to others

These classes will be scheduled for groups of 6 or more as needed.

What our customers are saying

I've known Dawn-Marie for many years and definitely attest to her energy, introspection, and intellect. Most of all, though, Dawn-Marie cares: she cares about people one-by-one in each interaction, and she cares about humanity. That comes through in her public speaking, too.